We’ve all been stuck in life unable to successfully change feelings, thoughts, or behaviors, habits; stumbling in low-performance, self-sabotage, or dysfunctional living.  Just not living the life we desire.


Often, that stuckness is fueled by the ongoing influences of past events and experiences. Finally, we are forced to realized that slapping a new coat of paint on the outside does not repair our self-structure or eliminate those obvious or subtle" imprints” that keep us chained.


Yet, inside we know we can be powerful, more than enough, but we need some new neural pathways firing, new visions forming, and new narratives created from a place of abundance, love, joy and empowerment instead of despair. 

" It didn't matter that I had been extremely successful. There were underlying issues, driving me to rock bottom, but I refused to deal with them.  Everyone thought I was okay, because of my outer appearance as a high-functioning achiever in business. However, the achievements did not eradicate the skeletons of my past that kept me from being happy and living an empowered life. 

I went from being trapped by my past gremlins, barely leaving the house, totally morbidly overweight, and socially dysfunctional. I couldn't be around people without a drink in hand .I unknowingly sabotaged relationships to keep people from getting close.  I went to so-called specialist but experienced no relief.  I admit it, I was super arrogant, but hid and overcompensate.   Until Thomas (TBone) literal saved my life. 


Honestly, it started out hard, but he hung tight with me.  Working with him, I began to transform.  Zero to 18 months, I went on to win the Mexico, Cozumel Triathlon senior division.  Now, I'm  totally sober, and in a relationship.  I changed, my life change and it's miraculous. Thank you so much Thomas for not giving up on me.  - John"

TBone (Thomas) you have degree in psychology.  Why do you prefer hypnosis and coaching over regular

talk therapy?

For most of my clients, it's more effective.  It uncovers information that is not available to the conscious mind. It bypasses the critical factor. It's much faster than conventional talk therapy in helping someone change and measurable results. Across my clientele the average time spent in talk therapy before arriving at my door is 6.2 years. Although each client is unique, depending on what they present, the time with me averages several months. 


ABOUT tier 7 coaching & HYPNOSIS

 Numerous individuals are stuck.  Some are stopped and blocked by limiting beliefs, no execution strategy, impostor syndrome, self-doubt, limited imaginations, or past unresolved issues and tons of F.E.A.R


Tier 7 Coaching & Hypnosis is about helping you to reveal those erroneous misconceptions, beliefs that are keeping you grounded, so you can unleash your potential by making the shifts necessary to satisfy your needs, wants and desires instead of distracting. 


“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” -Leo Tolstoy